Be brave and vote against the Gender Recognition Reform Bill

by | 19 Dec 2022

To Labour MSPs

I hope that the court of session ruling last week has finally convinced you that it is reckless to open the path to getting a GRC to anyone who wants one? Life changing decisions which have a major impact on others should not be “simplified” (the main argument advanced for this legislation).

All of the government’s disingenuous assurances that single sex spaces will be safe as “sex” is a protected characteristic have now been destroyed by the ruling that a GRC confers women’s protections. That was in fact what the government argued in court. So while they were reassuring parliament that sex based protections were safe, they were in court arguing that a GRC confers women’s sex protection on any man with a GRC.

If this Bill is passed, women will be unable to challenge men following us into toilets, competing against us in sport, even rapists demanding to be placed in women’s prisons will have more rights than women. Men are already demanding that women are prosecuted for challenging them. Men will be legally allowed to demand entry to lesbians’ social and dating sites and to be allowed to be employed as women in intimate care.

You assured me you would stick on women’s single sex protections. They are now clearly not possible. The activists that you are all scared of can’t deselect you all. Please be brave.

Maggie Mellon


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