An Open Letter to John Swinney On Named Person

DEAR John Swinney, You have asked for engagement on the future of the Named Person following the ruling of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled the information sharing provisions unlawful and also cautioned that parental or child consent to share personal information should not be obtained by the threat of any possible consequences. Read more – Swinney defends Named Person scheme in wake of Supreme Court ruling Your decision to decline to...

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The ‘Named Person’ debate: The case against –  Maggie Mellon

The ‘Named Person’ debate: The case against – Maggie Mellon

Keywords Named Person, Getting It Right For Every Child, Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, parents. Corresponding author: Maggie Mellon,Independent consultant on social work practice and public policy. My four main reasons for opposing the Named Person Firstly, there is no evidence to support introducing Named Persons in legislation. Secondly, the legislation does not say what it claims that it does. Thirdly, this is neither early...

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Maggie Mellon: Why the Named Person legislation is not a progressive measure

   Feminist campaigner and  social worker Maggie Mellon makes the case against the Scottish Government's 'Named Person' scheme SCOTLAND, like the rest of the UK and much of Europe, is an increasingly unequal society. Poverty and inequality are what stunt children's lives and these things cannot be tackled by caseworking the entire population of children. Instead, housing, jobs, income, education, health services and the environment are the...

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Maggie Mellon: Why Scottish Women’s Aid should change course on its prisons position

 Feminist campaigner Maggie Mellon explains why she believes short term prison sentences are unhelpful - even in domestic abuse cases SCOTLAND may be poised to take a big step away from having one of the highest rates of imprisonment in Europe.  Eighty-four per cent of respondents in a recent government consultation favoured a presumption against short prison sentences - which basically means encouraging the courts not to hand down short jail...

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Women for Indy Justice Watch Blog august 2016

In this blog, I am going to write about not just my own experience and views but also cover some of the issues that we all have encountered and the experiences of women in a number of courts. A fair hearing? Readers who have not been in a criminal court will have seen film and TV court scenes. In these the public gallery can hear everything clearly and understand it too.  But its not like that at all. Those who have been in an actual court will...

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How the Named Person crusade could damage the case for Scottish independence

  First publish by Common Space in August 2016 Feminist campaigner and former social worker Maggie Mellon explains why she's welcoming a recent decision from the Supreme Court on the controversial Named Person law WHY has the Scottish Government allowed itself to be undone by a scheme with an Orwellian name which it never able to explain without contradicting themselves? On Thursday, the Supreme Court delivered its verdict on the case against...

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Maggie Mellon (CQSW, MSc, Dip Child Protection) is a social worker with many years’ experience in both Scotland and England. She has been vice chair of the British Association of Social Workers since 2014, and also chairs the Association’s Ethics and Human Rights Committee. She was formerly Director of Services for Children 1st and Head of Public Policy for NCH Action for Children in Scotland. Chair of the Scottish Child Law Centre from 2009 -12. Currently non–executive Director of NHS Health Scotland and a member of the editorial Board of Scottish Justice Matters. Maggie now works independently as a consultant on social work practice and public policy.