end of October

by | 4 Nov 2013

lots of cardboard down and lots of topsoil and compost on top. About two thirds of the ground is now in some sort of order, and with luck should be ready for planting next year. We have kept an 8 by 6 ft dug over bed, which is ready to sow now. Onions, garlic, broad beans for a crop early next year is the plan. The broad beans are in.   The little grass area is growing well…looks quite good from a distance anyway. I think I got too carried away with the cardboard and compost area and could have left little paths between and created raised beds rather than try to cardboard and soil the whole area….but too late now. Every time I go, it seems that the sun comes out. But a friend pointed out that I don’t go if it is raining so…it will tend to feel like the sun always shines there. Like playing out in the summer when you are wee. Sunshine all the time. But if it was raining, you would be in?



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